Artist Feature: Kae Anderson

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Kae, and I live in Nashville, Tennessee. I’m a nine-to-fiver who spends my nights and weekends making things. When I’m not working or creating I like reading, traveling, and petting every dog I see when I go for walks.

In your opinion, what defines an “artist”?

To me an artist is someone who uses their creativity (in whatever form that takes). I think everyone is creative, but a lot of us get taught to be “practical” or to focus on things that will get us a good job, and we forget that we can make things!

What things inspire your work?

The project I’m working on is based on Sleeping At Last songs, so that’s the inspiration! His music makes me want to create things. I remember watching a video of a dancer doing a routine that used a Sleeping At Last song and it made me wish I was a dancer too! I haven’t taken a dance class since I was six, so I thought painting might be a bit more of a reasonable creative outlet for me!

Do you have a certain process when creating?

I don’t really have a certain process – sometimes I listen to music and other times I have reruns of Parks and Recreation playing in the background. With this project I’ve been doing things in batches, so I paint a bunch of backgrounds and then put them in Photoshop to add the lyrics. I’m going through the songs starting with an album that came out in 2003 and going up to the current releases, so that gives some structure to what I do.

Do you have a formal background in art or are you self taught?

I have a degree in Anthropology, and am definitely a novice art-maker. I’m currently enrolled in the school of Youtube. 🙂

What advice would you give an aspiring artist?

Start making stuff – if you don’t like it you can always start over or make something different! When I feel like other people are making way better than I ever could I try to remind myself that we all have to start at the beginning and nobody is perfect when they start.

Check out Kae’s work at


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