The Fire Series


This is the first of my fire series! Inspired by dancing flames, the colors in these pieces symbolize joy, clarity and an enthusiasm for life. From a color therapy viewpoint, orange is very beneficial when utilized by individuals healing from grief. Fierce colors, they’re uplifting and rejuvenating to the spirit!

So may we live bright, burn with gratitude and speak our truth with love and compassion.


I was deeply inspired by a poem by one of my favorite writers, Torri Horness. I want to share a portion of the piece that was running through my mind as I created these paintings:

“When they meet me,
I hope they say ‘look.
She is Fire.
See the way she is
Heat, light, strength-
How when she tears things down,
It is only to help new things to grow.'”

Sometimes it will be necessary to burn things down and start again. After all, this makes room for new growth. Don’t listen to people who tell you that your inner fire is too bright; some are just too afraid to let their light show.

(The fire series will include between 3 and 6 pieces. Afterwards, I will be doing a galaxy, water, reflection, pastel, and light series, not necessarily in that order. Each series will be previewed on Instagram and then prints and originals will be available on my etsy shop!)


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