Color Therapy: Moon Art


There is something so incredibly fascinating about using the moon as a subject in art. It was the first thing I experimented with when I began painting and to this day it is usually what I turn to when I sit down to a blank piece of paper.

I believe that art is healing, whether it’s to the viewers or simply the artist. It’s why I started delving into sketching so many years ago and why I picked up a paintbrush for the first time. I also had a particular interest in the symbolism behind color – it’s called color therapy in the world of psychology, and I loved it. I love symbolism in general, so it just seemed natural for me to base my colors for each piece around the message I wanted to portray.

And so that’s where I come back to painting the moon.

The moon itself symbolizes change and growth in life and reminds us that even the darkest of nights can provide healing and renewal. We live in phases. The colors in my moon paintings mostly feature browns, tans and earthy reds which symbolize healing, home, stability, grounding, warmth and honesty. In general I like to stick with these colors when painting this celestial body.

However, I have had fun making a few abstract pieces featuring the moon, like my purple crescent. It encompasses swirling pinks and purples and symbolizes unconditional love, genuine care and a sense of peace.

And that’s really what the goal is with these paintings: to share my love for art with the world along with compassion and a sense of peace.

You can view all of my current paintings under the “art” tab in the main menu. Prints, semi-originals and originals are available on my Etsy shop: HannahLincolnStudios.




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